Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Hayward, San Francisco, Castro Valley, Union City, and Other Bay Area Cities

Attorney Sergio H. Benavides: Trial Lawyer.  Criminal Defense Attorney.  Criminal Law Specialist.  Unstoppable Warrior Who Fights For You.

When you hire Criminal Law Specialist Sergio H. Benavides you hire a warrior, someone who will do everything to protect your best interests and get you the resolution that protects you.

I have helped thousands of Adults and Juveniles, with cases ranging from Resisting Arrest and DUI/DWI to Assault With a Deadly Weapon and Armed Robbery.  No case is too small, and no client is unimportant.  You hire me, you get my attention, my expertise.  I give you my cell phone so that Attorney-Client contact is always available.

Now is the time to take control of your life and your case.  Give me a call and let’s start planning how to turn things around for you.  I am a Trial Lawyer, unafraid of taking a case all the way to the box.   I fought 11 Juvenile trials, and won 5. I fought 14 Misdemeanor jury trials, and won 11.  I have fought 6 felony jury trial, winning 2.  My overall success rate is 65%.  But that doesn’t count all the cases I have negotiated, gotten dismissed, or had charges lowered or changed.  Experience matters, and I offer it to you to turn your life around.

Changing Lives for People with Criminal Cases.  DUI.  Assaults.  Domestic Violence.  Theft Crimes.  Gun Crimes.  Gangs.  Drugs.

Call Today  (415) 867-5181.  Let’s start planning how to put my years of expertise to you or your loved ones’ best advantage.