Last week Concord Teacher Joseph Martin’s defense attorney compared the criminal child sexual abuse charges to the Salem Witch trials. Of course, his defense attorney is putting on an aggressive, spirited defense, and I admire that. By all accounts, no one has ever seen Mr. Martin commit any obvious, gross sexual abuse. The touching involved accusations of under the shirt chest rubbing of elementary school boys, and some groin grazes outside the clothing. So this case involves sexual abuse charges of touching that dances on the edge of what is illegal and what is allowed. In any event, even though Martin and his attorney may consider the charges exaggerated, and a “witch hunt,” it’s my opinion that saying that to a jury, after 14 boys have come forward accusing the teacher of the same, is a little over the top. It’s too much. And it may offend the jury, who I am sure are taking the case seriously. I’m in favor of dramatic, splashy arguments in closing a trial, but it’s too much to call this a “witch hunt.” We will see how the verdict plays out. No verdict yet.