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Attorney Sergio H. Benavides: Trial Lawyer.  Criminal Defense Attorney. An honoree selected to be one of America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys.  Unstoppable Warrior Who Fights For You.

When you hire One of America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys Sergio H. Benavides you hire a warrior, someone who will do everything to protect your best interests and get you the resolution that protects you.

I have helped thousands of Adults and Juveniles, with cases ranging from Expungement, Record Clearance, Resisting Arrest and DUI to Assault With a Deadly Weapon and Armed Robbery.  No case is too small, and no client is unimportant.  You hire me, you get my attention, my expertise.  I give you my cell phone so that Attorney-Client contact is always available.

Now is the time to take control of your life and your case.  Give me a call and let’s start planning how to turn things around for you.  I am a Trial Lawyer, unafraid of taking a case all the way to the box.   I fought 11 Juvenile trials, and won 5. I fought 14 Misdemeanor jury trials, and won 11.  I have fought 6 felony jury trial, winning 2.  My overall success rate is 65%.  But that doesn’t count all the cases I have negotiated, gotten dismissed, or had charges lowered or changed.  Experience matters, and I offer it to you to turn your life around.

We take many Immigration Law cases and get results: Asylum, U Visa, Green Cards, Citizenship, Waivers, DACA, TPS, Consular Process.   We speak Spanish.  See Our Immigration Page for more info.

Changing Lives for People with Criminal Cases.  DUI.  Assaults.  Domestic Violence.  Theft Crimes.  Gun Crimes.  Gangs.  Drugs.

Call Today  (510) 314-0627.  Let’s start putting my expertise to your best advantage.